What To Know About Mortgage Rate Shopping

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When shopping for a mortgage, it may cause multiple lenders to request your credit report, even though you are only looking for one loan. FICO Scores ignore mortgage, auto, and student loan inquiries made in the 30 days prior to scoring to make up for this. If you find a loan within 30 days, the inquiries will not affect your scores while you’re rate shopping for a mortgage. Also, FICO Scores look on your credit report for mortgage inquiries older than 30 days. If your FICO Scores find some mortgage inquiries, your scores will consider inquiries that fall in a typical shopping period as just one inquiry. FICO Scores calculated from older versions of the scoring formula has a shopping period of a 14 day span. FICO Scores calculated from the newest versions of the scoring formula has a shopping period of any 45 day span. Each lender will choose which version of the FICO scoring formula it wants the credit reporting agency to use to calculate your FICO Scores.

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Source: https://www.myfico.com/credit-education/credit-reports/credit-checks-and-inquiries

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